The End Of The Story

Today I found and read a blog post by my soul sister.  She wrote it for me back in September 2009.  It was about me finding the energy to pursue having a baby.  How very, very strange that I only found it now, 9 months after she wrote it.  And I’ve just now noticed that month number…9 months…the time to grow a baby.

Is god messing with me?!  Is this some kind of message?

So I was motivated to seek out this blog again. ..and to read my About Me page again.  It ends with “This is my story”.  Except there are no more blog posts after September 2009, kind of like my story ended then.  But it really didn’t, did it.  It felt like it did.  But it didn’t.  The story never really ends when we think it does.

There is no baby.  I hope there’s a “yet” in there somewhere.  But I can’t be sure.

I hope to be writing more here.


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  1. Suzanne L.F. Gagnon
    Jun 23, 2010 @ 00:08:31

    I know that you will find your way with love and effect a lot of people along the way, including me. Having a child is a beautiful experience, but the seed of love that makes it so amazing can be found in the people who are in your life. You are not defined by being a parent. You are defined by your heart, mind and actions. Thank you for sharing your story here. I hope to read more. . .Love You! Suzanne


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