Day 3 Baseline Blood Work & Ultrasound.

Today I went to Shady Grove for my Day 3 baseline blood work and an ultrasound.  What that means in lay-speak is that today is the 3rd day of my cycle (my period started on Friday at 8pm.  Day 1 is considered full bleed by 5pm) and they need this blood work (E2, FSH, LH, TSH, PRL) to determine whether my hormone levels are adequate for this time of the month.  The ultrasound is to check out the shape and health of my uterus (which is normal – yay) and how many follicles on my ovaries I have.  Apparently, a woman of child-bearing age produces new follicles every month and an egg is produced from one of those follicles.  They needed to find at least 10 follicles between the 2 ovaries.  I have 6 on one and 8 on one, so 14 in total – which is a good thing.  The technician said that clearly I am not menopausal.  This morning’s adventures cost us $650.  I could have told them I was not menopausal for nothing.  Well, I did, actually.  But I guess they needed science to confirm what I knew anyway.

So there you have it.  So far, my lady bits appear to be functioning normally.  Yeah, duh.

I’m awaiting a call from the clinic to let me know the results of the blood work and to discuss the next stage of the process.

One thing hubby and I still have to do is pick out the donor.  It’s nerve wracking, to be honest.  So many choices!

So yes, much has happened between September 2009 and now, October 2010.  The biggest 3 things are that we decided to drop the IVF idea (due to reasons that are boring, yet upsetting and which I’ll cover at some other point), we decided to use donor sperm and IUI (instead of hubby’s non-existent sperm) and I’ve lost 30 lbs.  And so the story continues.


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