Ovulation LH Testing

I’m nearing the 14th day of my cycle (tomorrow, Friday 10/29) and according to the “natural IUI cycle”, which is what we’re doing, I should be testing my urine every day to figure out when there is a LH surge, indicating ovulation and highest fertility. Although my actual IUI cycle is only next month, I decided to test for LH this month too, to make sure I know what to do and feel comfortable with the process for when it’s most important.

By the way, a “natural IUI cycle” is when there are no drugs used to enhance fertility and no minute monitoring of my cycle. It’s pretty amazing to what lengths they can go to, to help woman have babies, you know! If they were monitoring my cycle, there would be almost daily blood tests to test hormonal changes and ultrasounds to check follicle growth and finally releasing of the egg, signally supposedly ideal conditions for insemination.

But we’re not doing any of that. Just a regular cycle, no drugs, with me doing urine ovulation tests every day. When my LH levels spike, they do the insemination. If that doesn’t work, we’ll reassess.

So I tested yesterday and today. After going through the gross peeing into a cup (eeeewwww) and figuring out how the test device works, nothing, nada. Just normal levels. A simple O on the digital reading. No smiley face :-(. Heck, at least it wasn’t a frown on the device! Because as much as that would be clever and amusing, it would probably be hurtful too.

I’m not panicking yet, though. My actual ovulation day is only tomorrow, or it should be anyway. So, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow morning and Saturday morning.

In the meantime Hubby’s been “getting some”, you know, just in case the little buggers manage to find their way through the vasectomy scar tissue to a welcoming girly egg ;-).


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