LH Surged!

So, apologies for the late post, but things have been hectic the last few days.

On Wednesday 11/24 at 1pm, my LH surge test showed positive.  I could hardly believe my eyes!  I was scheduled to ovulate on Thursday 11/25 (yes, that would be Thanksgiving here in the US!) and so I was expecting the surge by the middle of Tuesday at the latest.  When it didn’t happen on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning, my spirits had started to fall.  So imagine my joy and surprise when the test showed the surge at 1pm!

One might ask how it is that I tested both in the morning and in the afternoon – and well, that would be a valid question, as the test instructions say to test once a day.  But see here…I have been known to be slightly OCD at times…and so in the name of fail-safe tests and extra caution, I bought 2 different brand tests (Clueblue Easy and First Response), at 2 different times, from 2 different stores…and then I tested at 2 different times in the day, once first thing upon waking and once at midday.  I even set a reminder on my calendar!  I was starting to gear up to 3 tests a day, just to be even safer.  No way was I going to miss my LH surge!

In retrospect, my OCD-ness turned out to be a good thing, because while I showed a surge at 1pm, by 9pm there was no more surge.  That 9pm test was at the insistence of my hubby, “for the sake of science”, he said.  What it showed me was that I have a very small window to pick up my surge, which is probably why I didn’t pick it up last month.

I’m ashamed to say that I then proceeded to fish the old tests out of the trash, to compare the results and then even took pictures of the tests!  A moment for prosperity!  What relief…what joy that my body was normal!

Earlier that morning hubby called Shady Grove and left a message to ask what should we do if I didn’t surge.  No one called us back.  Then when I had the surge at 1pm, I called and left a message again, saying I needed to come in the next day, Thanksgiving, for the IUI procedure.  By 3pm no one had called us back.  I started panicking because while I knew they were open on Thanksgiving morning, they were closing at 4pm on Wednesday and I needed to make sure the procedure was booked for the next morning.  I couldn’t afford to miss this cycle!  My dear hubby then did the sweetest thing – he jumped in the car and drove to Shady Grove to make sure he spoke with someone.  I love that man so much, words fail me.

My IUI procedure was booked for 8:30am Thursday morning 🙂

Wednesday night, Thanksgiving Eve, passed in a haze of surreality.  This really was happening…


LH Surge Testing Starts Again

I began using the ovulation kit to test for LH surge (indicating ovulation within 48 hours) on Friday, day 8 of my cycle. The Shady Grove nurse said to start testing on day 10. The ovulation kit said to start when my period ends, which was Thursday. So I went with the more conservative advice. And started on Friday. In the name of even further conservatism, I’m using TWO ovulation kits, bought from different stores and different brands. That way I mitigate the risk of possible faulty tests. I can’t afford any mistakes with this.

Today is day 10 and there’s been no surge yet. That’s to be expected, as I should only see a surge on day 12 or so – which would be Tuesday.

If all goes to plan I should be inseminated on Wednesday or Thursday (Thanksgiving). I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing on Thanksgiving than conceiving my baby.

Crawling Out of the Pit

If you saw my post yesterday, you would know that it was dark and despondent, full of “woe me”.  Today I see a blog post from the Reverend of my church and it spoke to me, loud and clear.

In it, she speaks of “disgust at what I’ve become”.  Oh yes…”disgust” is exactly what I’ve been feeling about myself…in the midst of my anguish and worry this weekend, there was this underlying, niggling feeling of disgust at my negativity.  You see, I *know* on a deep level that the truth is “love and abundance for all” and this negativity is just a temporary illusion.  I just felt a million miles away from the truth.  So I was grateful for the reminder of her this morning, and of the truths she reminds me of.

She has this line she always says in service “may we be gentle in our brokenness“.  The first time I heard that, tears came to my eyes, the message is so beautiful.  I need to remember that…just be gentle with myself…no self-flagellation required.

The rest of her post is this:

“…you know, there is a way out.  Through the heart in gratitude.  Through the mind, in humility.  Through the senses, in releasing the “drama of me” into the presence of wholeness.

When feeling that you are no good, just trust that you are wrong, and find a way to be kind or acknowledge beauty.  You may not feel immediately better, but you’ll have begun to break the spell.”

Thank you Rev. Lisa, for the reminder of the truth and for pointing the way out of the pit.  Your post broke the spell.  Now, onward to feeling better.