Fallopian Tubes & Uterus A-OK

The HSG test went just fine.

My uterus is fine – no growths and a normal shape.  My fallopian tubes are fine – no blockages.  The physician said I was a prime candidate for IUI.  The test itself produced no pain whatsoever, in spite of being warned that there would be cramps, possibly severe ones and being told afterward that one woman screamed in agony.  I must be one tough cookie, because I felt absolutely no pain and very little sensation.  The most “painful” part was the waiting for the test itself and the uncertainty of how painful it might be.

So that is just joyful news! 🙂


HSG Today

My HSG test is today. They will insert a catheter like thingie into my vagina, push through the tiny opening of the cervix and into the womb, inserting dye. The dye is supposed to flow into my fallopian tubes and out into my abdominal cavity. Then they take an xray to see what’s up. They will tell us the results then.

I’m scared. Of the results, but mainly of the procedure itself. My stomach is sore from nerves already :-(.

HSG Test Booked

My HSG test has been booked for 2:15pm Monday 10/25.  Both hubby and myself need to take an antibiotic twice a day for 10 days, starting the day before.  And then I have to take painkillers the day of.

I’m a bit scared of this test.  Not because I have any fears about issues with my tubes (note my previous post about my strange borderline arrogance-confidence), but because I’ve been warned about how uncomfortable/painful it will be.  I wish it were here already so I could just get it over with!

No news on donors yet.  We’re dragging our feet…so scared of making the wrong choice.